Man2Block workshop will be held on Friday 27 April 2018 in room 402B.

9h – 9h15 Opening (Jérôme François)

9h15 – 10h30 Keynote Leveraging Blockchain-based protocols in IoT systems

Prof. Angelos Stavrou, IEEE Blockchain co-chair, George Mason University USA

Session chair: Radu State

10h30 – 11h00: coffee session (posters session, chair: Abdelkader Lahmadi)

  • Design and Implementation of an Automated and Decentralized Pollution Monitoring System with Blockchains, Smart Contracts, and LoRaWAN – Sina Rafati (University of Zurich – Switzerland),
    Sanjiv Jha (University of Zürich – Switzerland), Thomas Bocek (University of Zurich – Switzerland),
    Burkhard Stiller (University of Zurich and ETH Zurich – Switzerland)
  • The Dangers and Risks of Relying on Blockchain Technology in Underdeveloped Countries – Christopher Harris (University of Northern Colorado – USA)
  • Developing a K-ary malware using Blockchain  – Joanna Moubarak (Saint Joseph University – Lebanon),
    Maroun Chamoun (Saint Joseph University – Lebanon), Eric Filiol (ESIEA – France)
  • Visual Emulation for Ethereum’s Virtual Machine Short paper Robert Norvill (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg) – Beltran Borja Fiz Pontiveros (University of Luxembourg – Luxemburg), Radu State (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg)

11h – 12h20: Technical Papers: blockchain monitoring and management (Session Chair: Burkhard Stiller)

  • A Blockchain-Based PKI Management Framework – Alexander Yakubov (Luxembourg University, SNT – Luxembourg), Wazen Shbair (University of Luxembourg-SnT – Luxemburg), Anders Wallbom (Nexus Group – Sweden), David Sanda (Nexus Group – Sweden),
    Radu State (University of Luxembourg – Luxemburg)
  • Towards a Management Plane for Smart Contracts: Ethereum Case Study – Nida Khan (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg), Abdelkader Lahmadi (University of Lorraine – France), Jérôme François (INRIA Nancy Grand Est – France), Radu State (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg)
  • Blockchain Orchestration and Experimentation Framework: A Case Study of KYC – Wazen Shbair (University of Luxembourg-SnT – Luxembourg), Mathis Steichen (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg), Jérôme François (INRIA Nancy Grand Est – France), Radu State (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg)
  • Monitoring the Transaction Selection Policy of Bitcoin Mining Pools – Beltran Borja Fiz Pontiveros (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg), Robert Norvill (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg), Radu State (University of Luxembourg – Luxembourg)

12h20 – 12h30: Closing (Abdelkader Lahmadi)

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